Trip to Pala Casino & Resort

Trip to Pala Casino & Resort

The Choices Buffet was delectable.



I’m a little late on the subject, but I’ve been in that mood lately. It may be the fruitful feel of spring, or just hormones, but alas I will do something with them. 

Ever since I was a little girl, the number 23 has fascinated me. Now, that I’m older, I tell myself that it will be a good year. But I haven’t gotten down to the nitty-gritty, and made plans.

  1. I would love to have a house of my own.
  2. And in said house, I would love to have my dream bedroom.
  3. I would love to publish my debut book by then. 
  4. And with said book, I would love to be a known writer. 
  5. I would love to have an A.A. in Nursing. 
  6. And with said degree, I would love to be a loving nurse.
  7. I would love to be a healthy weight, ranging from 145-130. 
  8. And with said weight-loss, I would love to be pleased with my body.
  9. I would love to be happy with who I am, and where I am headed. 
  10. And with said happiness, I would love to become your friend. 

For tonight, here are the things I want for my twenty-third year alive. 



Fresh Beginnings

I’m a sucker for clean slates. There’s something about scraping away the grime, and gracefully sauntering into the light with a fresh beginning. I guess that’s why I’m constantly attempting to re-invent myself.

All it takes is one positive change, like a new haircut and it sends me on a spiral of re-invention. It births a new routine, a different schedule, sometimes a new way of talking. But every time I catch myself dreaming of this young woman. 

She has impeccable skin, and luscious, dark locks. She’s a successful writer, and a loving nurse. She has a spacious home, filled with her broken, but lovely family, and her countless cats. She has a good life ahead of her, and its finally worth waking up for. And after years of being crippled by her inability to socialize, she’s finally comfortable with a close knit of friends. 

She’s perfectly imperfect, but most importantly she’s happy. And that’s who I want to be, but to get there I have a few things to do. 

  • Drop down to 130-140lbs.
  • Run/Strength train. 
  • Eat cleaner (back to vegetarian?)
  • Swallow my vitamins! 
  • Graduate College, Uni eventually.
  • Write EVERY night!
  • Blog every other day.

Hello world, I am Giselle, and this is my journey to the perfect me.